Is It Possible to Lose Weight In One Week?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

When it comes to losing weight, the most common mistake made is, the main purpose seems to lose weight. Well, it should be avoided and one should see the bigger picture rather than the smaller one. Losing weight is not an immediate process. It takes a lot of patience, self-confidence, and discipline.

With those said, let's see the main steps in losing weight:

  1. Maintaining a proper diet

  2. Exercising regularly

  3. Avoiding bad habits

  4. Living in a comfortable and hygienic environment

  5. Keeping your mental health in check


When it comes to food, people are immensely confused about what to eat and what to avoid. People tend to refer to many resources before settling with one and starting the actual process. Having many eggs in a single tray can be troublesome. Although it's a good thing to refer to many resources and mixing all, one should remember it's fine to get confused. Confusion is good. It makes us think and plan before outlining. After that, our mind begins to draft and later. Boom! Our mind sticks to a plan and we get the confidence.

Many studies and resources show losing weight can be done by cutting the following ways.

a. Cut Carbohydrates.

b. Cut Calories.

c. Cut Fat. A.CUT CARBOHYDRATES: Insulin has an excellent role in our body. But sometimes, it just causes more trouble. Carbohydrates when digested become glucose while entering the bloodstream. Insulin being the control checker for sugar level in the blood, tend to increase to gain control in reducing the sugar level. Foods containing carbohydrates (bread, rice, dairy products) when digested release a lot of sugar in the bloodstream. This leads to increased production of insulin in our body. The natural mechanism of insulin in our body tend to inhibit our adipose tissues to release fat. It is done to enhance the breakdown of sugar. As a result, the fat stores in our fat tissues and doesn’t come out. Insulin makes sure the body doesn’t use up fat as energy and instead of sugar. As a result, while hungry the body craves carbs again and insulin thus increases again and thus creating this vicious cycle. 

B. CUT CALORIES: Calories are nothing but the food we eat. It’s a measurement of how much energy we intake. Calories can be taken up by any type of food. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats all are in calories that we eat. Calories, no matter the manner ingested, are either stored as fat or used as fuel in metabolisms during physical activities. The only way to cut calories is to either cut the intake or use the calories in physical exercises. 

C. CUT FAT: Including an unhealthy amount of fat in food doesn’t increase weight but increases the risk of many cardiac diseases too. Many studies reveal, fatty foods increase blood pressure, increase the risk of angina, cardiac diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. Eating low-fat foods is a start in losing weight and a healthy life. 


Exercising can be a burden if one tries to perform everything at a time. People should realize doing a particular set of exercises for a particular set of times is more desirable and successful than doing different exercises every day for a long time. Although doing more exercises is good, it's better to perform a set of exercises regularly for the best results.


People tend to have many bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc. Although they seem tempting, avoiding them is good at all costs.


It's true that living in a hygienic environment can improve your lifestyle. Religion, culture, and society do play an important role in health. 


Mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. Being determined can help improve your mind and the body as fit.  Following these steps, one can surely lose weight in no time. After all, it's important to note that being healthy and losing weight shouldn’t be an immediate process but a long-term investment.

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